My Response To GS Potter's Blue Lives Matter Piece

“Police are not people.” So scrawled “Dr.” GS Potter in The Huffington Post as part of a foaming-mouth tirade against the police as a whole, and the men and women personally who tirelessly serve and protect our communities. 

Potter seems particularly incensed that there is a view out there that the police have a dangerous job. She contrives statistics to paint a picture of just how easy the job of law enforcement is, following that up with terms like “killer cops” and comparing so-called “police brutality” to the generations-long enslavement of my ancestors in America.

Forgive me if I come off as a little fatigued when privileged white women try to appropriate my community’s suffering for their own progressive pet causes. 

Before this doctor starts diagnosing “modern-day slavery” everywhere progressivism has failed to destroy an institution, she might want to get her facts straight. Potter writes, in reference to proposed legislation titled “The Blue Lives Matter Act,”

“The success of …[this legislation]… rests in convincing the public that police have dangerous jobs, that they do these jobs while under attack, and that they are left completely defenseless by the legal system. They also want the public to believe that there are Blue Lives, that they Matter, and that they need protecting. Nothing could be further from the truth. Police are not people.”

To begin with, while it is our job to serve and protect in the most dangerous conditions, to have Dr. Potter undermine the cost of that sacrifice is reprehensible and entirely full of lies.

Police officers killed in the line of duty in 2016 were up 78 percent at the end of July. Of those, 32 died in firearms-related incidents with 14 officers assassinated in ambush-style attacks. Dr. Potter, please tell us how many professors sitting in their ivory towers of academia spewing elitist cop-hating propaganda were killed in the line of indoctrination.

Researcher and author Heather MacDonald points out that 40 percent of cop-killers are black, yet they make up only 13 percent of the U.S. population. A police officer is nearly 19 percent more likely to be killed by a black assailant than a cop killing an unarmed black person.  Yes Dr. Potter, Blue Lives Matter.

Potter adds to this falsified information purporting to show that police are above the law. To the contrary, police are held to a higher standard and under immense pressure to act with an almost super-human level of restraint when faced with immediate danger and the most testing and stressful of situations.  The U.S. Supreme Court recognizes this in numerous decisions on police use of force that take into account that police act under circumstances that are tense, rapidly evolving and uncertain – and that their actions should not be reviewed through the lens of 20/20 hindsight.

When other people run from danger, we run towards danger, and we are often the only presence of safety and justice in communities wholly abandoned by the George Soros-funded nonprofits and paid-protesters of the Black Lives Matter professional left.

I am anxiously awaiting what surely must be “Dr.” GS Potter’s follow-up piece to her angry and misleading anti-law enforcement post “Stop Blues Lives Matter,” which I suppose would be titled something like “Black Lives Matter complicit in the deaths, maimings, and explicit terrorizing of poor neighborhoods across the country.” Or, “Black Lives Matter uses the black community to achieve its own grab-bag of far-left causes like global warming and LGBTQ rights.”

Dr. Potter’s Black Lives Matter promotion has nothing to do with the black community, but rather only serves to weaken any and all opposition to the progressive political agenda.

While I wait, not expectantly, for her next piece, it’s also worthwhile to note that the Dr. Potters of the left are adding another target to their list: the union.

 In particular, Dr. Potter chose to attack the union that represents law enforcement men and women, the Fraternal Order of Police. Apparently unions are only approved of in the “DS Potter School of Equality-before-the-Law” so long as they profess abject servility to the legislation she supports.

Watch out, Teamsters and Nurses, Potter and the Democrat party will be coming after you next. After all the union support the Democrats have lost with Hillary Clinton’s haphazard lurch toward total and complete abandonment of the middle class, one would think they would be a little more forgiving of the freedom of unions to represent the concerns of its members.

 In the meantime, Dr. Potter will continue to attack the men and women who put on uniforms and serve their communities with their hearts, minds, and muscle, while she writes behind her computer screen about how they remind her of modern-day slavers.



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