'My So-Called Life' To Air On Sundance Channel

Sixteen years after its cancellation, "My So-Called Life" is finally heading back to television.

The critically acclaimed -- but sparsely watched -- cult classic TV series starred Claire Danes as an emotional and confused teenager lasted just one season on ABC, cut due to poor ratings and Danes' unwillingness to continue filming. On Thursday, the Sundance Channel announced that they've acquired the rights to broadcast the show.

“We love My So-Called Life because it’s both substantive and engaging,” the network said in a statement (via The Hollywood Reporter). “We’re delighted to bring back the series for the passionate audience that adored the show when it first premiered and we’re thrilled to introduce it to a whole new audience that can enjoy it for the first time. The timeless stories hold up brilliantly.”

The show originally went off air despite the protests of passionate fan groups; the series ended with a cliffhanger, with its questions never answered. Those questions won't be answered now -- Sundance is just broadcasting the single 19 episode season from the 1994-95 season -- but fans should rejoice in revisiting Angela Chase, Jordan Catalano and Brian Krakow.

Danes won a Golden Globe and earned an Emmy nod for the role; in a bit of symmetry, she won a Golden Globe, SAG Award and Emmy in 2010 for her starring turn in HBO's "Temple Gramdin."

The show will begin broadcasting on April 25th at 11 PM.

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