'My Strange Addiction': Woman Stings Herself With Bees For Pain Relief And 'Great Sex' (VIDEO)

Margaret certainly had a unique obsession on "My Strange Addiction." To relieve pain from arthritis, she'd started stinging herself with bees -- or at least encouraging them to sting her. That was years ago, and since then it's spiraled into a full-blown addiction.

"What started as an occasional sting for medical reasons has spiraled into 15 stings a day," Margaret said. She even now keeps beehives in her home to have easy access to them, and has taken to carrying bees around with her during the day. But it's not just because it feels good for her. She's even got her husband supporting her stinging obsession.

"You’ve gotta admit, after I’ve had at least 10 stings -- the sex is great," she said to him on camera. He agreed that it was.

As Buzzfeed pointed out, Margaret has stung herself 50,000 times since her addiction started. Her story was so amazing, they were absolutey going to tune in as soon as they heard about it.

See what surprising obsessions are spotlighted next on "My Strange Addiction," Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.

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