'My Strange Addiction': Coffee Enemas Keep Couple Going (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

EXCLUSIVE: 'My Strange Addiction' Couple Addicted To Coffee Enemas

"My Strange Addiction" is back with brand-new episodes highlighting some very peculiar habits, including coffee enemas. Yes, coffee shots straight to the colon.

Trina has been doing coffee enemas for two years and her addiction has gotten to the point where she can't function without the coffee cleansing. She does about four coffee enemas a day.

"I love the way coffee enemas make me feel," Trina says in HuffPost TV's exclusive video of the enema episode above. "I feel like a sense of euphoria. I absolutely would fall apart without them."

Mike, Trina's husband, was initially disgusted by the practice ... but then he tried it. Now he does at least two a day. While they're doing the coffee enemas, the couple multitasks and reads, checks email and watches TV until the timer goes off.

"When the timer goes off, yeah, you want to make just a quick transition from floor to toilet seat as quickly as possible," Mike says. "It's going to come flying out of there like a torrent."

"My Strange Addiction" returns Wednesday, Feb. 13 at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.

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