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'My Strange Addiction': Woman Drinks Human And Animal Blood (VIDEO)

"My Strange Addiction" certainly saved the most uncomfortable for last. The season finale featured 29-year-old Michelle, who's developed an addiction to drinking blood. It started when she was a teenager and used to cut herself. She got curious and started to drink her own blood.

She's since abandoned cutting, but the craving for blood remained. She buys pigs' blood at a local market, but even that isn't enough to satisfy her cravings.

"I drink human blood as much as I can," Michelle said. "Everyone has their own flavor, their own taste.”

She prefers to drink blood directly from the source, but makes sure that it's someone she has a deep connection to. It's probably harder to convince acquaintances and strangers to offer up a vein. Despite her proclivities, Michelle insists she is not a "vampire."

As part of the show's process, she visited a doctor and was advised to stop drinking blood. The risk of picking up diseases like hepatitis and HIV is very real, but it isn't enough to deter Michelle. She has no intention of stopping or even cutting back.

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