'My Strange Addiction' Features Widow Who 'Just Can't Stop' Eating Husband's Ashes

Last night, the season 2 finale of TLC's My Strange Addiction featured Casie, a 26-year-old widow tragically addicted to a ghastly meal: the ashy remains of her cremated husband. Jezebel writes that Casie ate a pound of the ashes before seeking help from the show. Though she came to love the "rotten egg and sawdust" taste of the ashes, she began to fear that her six-pound supply would run out, separating her from her husband forever. The episode ends with Casie enrolling in an inpatient mental health facility.

Casie began her descent into addiction when a bit of ash got on her fingers while she was transferring it from a box to an urn. She didn't want to waste it, so she licked it off her fingers. This moment jarringly recalls someone totally different from Casie: Keith Richards. He admitted in a series of interviews several years ago that he had snorted a bit of his father's remains when they spilled on the table. Richards, though, was busy with other addictions at the time, so he buried the rest of the ashes under a tree.

Here's the trailer for the episode.