'My Strange Addiction': Woman Eats Husband

'My Strange Addiction': Woman Eats Husband

"I'm eating my husband", Casie casually comments as she dips her fingers back into the urn for another taste. Casie lost her husband and has been carrying his ashes with her everywhere she goes. Open day Casie opened his urn, accidentally dirtying her hands with his ashes. Casie felt it would be rude and dismissive to merely wipe her hands clean, so she licked the ashes off her fingers. This simple yet revolting move gave her pleasure. Casie continued licking the ashes off her fingers but this time intentionally. Five times a day or more Casie opens the urn and soils her fingers with her husband's remains and consumes it. She is on a steady diet of her husband's ashes and has lost 47 pounds.

My Strange Addiction Sun., 10PM on TLC

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