My Ten-Item Wardrobe for Spring

By narrowing down my wardrobe to these core items I have liberated myself from the closet clutter and endless cycles of shopping that used to be my reality.
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I learned about the 10-item wardrobe while I was living in Paris as a foreign exchange student. But before you ask your French friends to explain this concept to you, I must tell you that Parisians don't call it the 10-item wardrobe. They probably don't even think of what they have as capsule wardrobes. They just inherently have less clothes than we do. Maybe it's because Parisian closets tend to be very small. Or maybe it's because they like to spend their money on higher quality clothes and so they don't buy as much. Either way, I noticed while I was living in Paris that the women wore the same beautiful clothes over and over again, without being afraid of repeating outfits. And as for the 10 items? Well I had only 10 hangers in my Parisian armoire, which was all my host mother, Madame Chic, thought I needed.

Back in the states I have implemented the 10-item wardrobe into my own life and it has been beneficial in so many ways. Getting ready in the morning is easier with so little choice. I wear my best clothes on a daily basis and don't save them for special occasions. Because I am shopping less, I am able to afford higher quality clothing.

Most people have hundreds of clothes in their wardrobes so the concept of having only 10 core items can be very daunting. But I can attest that it is highly doable! The key is to be flexible and have fun creating your capsule wardrobe. Don't stress about the amount of core items. If 10 is too drastic for you, go for more, like 15 or 20. The point is to pare down your wardrobe to a small collection of beautiful clothes that make you feel good. It can be very liberating to get rid of the rest. You can do it!

This video shares with you my 10-item wardrobe for spring. It is best to tailor your wardrobe to the climate in which you live as well as your life circumstances. I am a work-at-home mom in Southern California and my wardrobe reflects as much. Brands are mentioned in the video but they are not relevant. You must find the brands that flatter your shape and fall within your budget.

My 10-item wardrobe for spring consists of: four dresses, two blouses, two pairs of jeans and two sweaters (which will probably be switched out for more blouses as the weather gets warmer). I have added an eleventh item, a button-down skirt, to show that the 10 items do not need to be strictly adhered to. The tee shirts shown are all part of the extras, which are like the glue that hold the wardrobe together.

The result is a fun, capsule collection of clothing that all goes together and tells a story. Getting ready in the morning is a breeze. By narrowing down my wardrobe to these core items I have liberated myself from the closet clutter and endless cycles of shopping that used to be my reality.

So what do you think? Are you ready to embrace your inner French girl and try out the 10-item wardrobe? Bonne chance!

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