My Thoughts Are Like An IPod on Shuffle

I woke up the other morning feeling a bit yuk, my lower back was sore and I had a lot on my mind. I’d slept well but woke up feeling a little bruised and pretty rubbish. I got out of bed and pottered, stretched a bit, opened the curtains, noticed it was a nice day and by the time I got downstairs I was in a completely different frame of mind. Now nothing had changed on the outside, my back was still sore but I felt completely different. I had a different frame of mind.

I went out into the garden with a cup of tea and I had a realisation that my thoughts are like an ipod on shuffle. I’ve no idea what’s coming next. I don’t know what I’m going to think in 5 minutes, 20 minutes let alone next week. I realised in that moment that I’ve no idea whether I’m going to get Adele, Bob Marley, Deepak Chopra or La Traviata because it’s on shuffle. And this is how our minds work when we don’t interfere.

Now what tends to happen, just like that clever little Genius app within iTunes which creates a playlist for you, we get caught in a groove. On iTunes it could be heavy metal, reggae, dance music, misery guts music, it could be very pensive, or thoughtful music. We are just the same.  We tend to follow a single thought and elaborate, dramatise it, may I say indulge in it. You know what it’s like…”oh that always happens to me, that person is always rude to me, or it’s never going to be any different”.

But you know what? And this is the realisation for me, I’m not the playlists, I’m not the individual songs, I’m actually the iPod. Now you know I love metaphors so bear with me on this. We are the iPod. And we can decide whether to indulge, if you like, in a particular series of playlists or we can shake it and it’ll bump on to the next one. Or, you can stick with shuffle and go with the flow in our thoughts as with our ipod. Thoughts are transitory by nature, it’s what we do with that thinking that can create heaven or hell for ourselves. There is always a new song, there is always a new thought.

“Yeah, but that’s all well and good”, you say, “but how do I stop thinking those thoughts, those repetitive ones that draw me down the rabbit hole?”

Nothing. There’s really nothing to do apart from noticing what you’re doing and appreciating that this is how the system works. It’s not about changing your thoughts because frankly good luck with that one! I’ve never managed to do it!

How much lighter would life be when we realised that we are the ipod.

We aren’t our thinking. We are the thinker.

What that means for me is that in any moment I can have a totally new experience of life.

So like the funk that I was in this morning when I got up, I didn’t interfere with it. I did nothing but notice that that was how I was thinking when I got out of bed. I didn’t make anything of it, I didn’t attach any meaning to it. I just moved onto the next thought and the next thought and the next thought — and enjoyed my random shuffle on the iPod!

What are the thoughts that you’ve got on repeat? What thoughts are plaguing you? What thoughts are you believing to be true?

Get in touch and let me know if this makes resonates in anyway for you.

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