My Favorite Blog Posts of 2016

I love to’s become one of my favorite things to do. If you knew me as a kid then you’d never guess I’d be writing that! Writing became an acquired love for me, something that developed over time once my kids starting to get older.

Writing allows me to express myself, both personally and professionally, which is why blogging platforms are such a gift. I write a post nearly every work day, either for my own blog, for Huffington Post, for Entrepreneur, or for a couple “dad” sites.

I thought it would be fun to look back on the past nearly 260 work days and pick my top ten favorite blog posts. It’s like reliving the year! Here goes:

Number 10: Youth and Beauty are not Accomplishments. I wrote this in honor of something Carrie Fisher said earlier in the year. How appropriate now! RIP.

Number 9: The Greatest Gift of All. I received the greatest gift of all...someone told me that my book helped them.

Number 8: I Love NY! I’ve spent my life in and around New York, and there’s a reason why I still love it!

Number 7: Thirty Years in New York City. I guess I can say I’m a New Yorker!

Number 6: Those Aren’t Your Kids. Still can’t believe the things that people believe they have a right to say.

Number 5: I’m Still An Entrepreneur. Always will be.

Number 4: My View on Competition. Why can’t everyone win?

Number 3: Recognize People for Who They Are. Something to think about, at work and at home.

Number 2: Can I Go Home? Loved all the comments I received on this one...I guess people can relate!

Number 1: An Open Letter to Barack Obama. From one dad to another.

Happy New Year!

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