My Transgender Life: There’s Something Happening Here

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For what its worth:

The fact is I have led a pretty good life. Another fact is that most of it has been living in hiding. Hiding my true self for well over sixty years. Yet, I have had a successful career – or perhaps careers; raised a great family; and have reinvented myself many times over.

It has only been the past few years, since I have come out of hiding, that I might actually have something to say, that just might be worth hearing. Just might!

I went to college from 1965-1965. Yes, those were years of turmoil and protest and I watched from the sidelines as so many of my generation were sent off to war or protested that very same war.

Looking back I was comfortable in engineering school with my college deferment and then went to work in the great military-industrial complex and received a further deferment until I received #308 in the first draft lottery of 1970, and continued to breath safely and quietly making my seeming fortune of $10K/year. I watched others protest, both peacefully and then perhaps not so peacefully al that time. Those were the years I not only hid my gender issues but my politics as well. Stay low, stay hidden, collect your $$$$.

Times change.

People change.

The world changed.

I changed.

…and I am still changing..

There’s something happening here.

It is not a good thing!

After so many years, a few weeks ago I took part in my first march – the women’s march, in Boston. I thought it was similar to the 60’s but without the bell-bottoms. However I was not there in the 60s, and I am glad that I am at long last adding my voice to change what is so severely broken now.

It is said that my parent’s generation was the Greatest Generation as they fought and won World War II. My generation – the baby boomers also made their mark on the world, although I know my contribution was nil, as perhaps I was an early example of the “me” generation, that came later.

I know with certainty that now we need all the generations from the boomers, through the millennials to whatever the kids in college today are called, to take a stand, to raise their voices, to learn from my cohorts from the 60s to get out on the campuses, the streets and let their voices be heard about what really makes America great.

Which is all of us together in all of our diversity….living…studying…learning …growing…together; accepting each other to live their very best, and most authentic lives; allowing each other to believe or not believe in the god or gods of their choice – or none at all, without judgment or discriminating against any one, for who they are, where they come from, the color of their skins, or just about anything. We can only make a better world together. Sharing and caring our joys and challenges and being there for each other.

What a concept! (Maybe I did learn something in the sixties!)

I am tired of hiding. I don’t like what’s happening out there. I am going to stand up and let my voice be heard, at last. Our world needs some saving right now. One generation cannot do it alone. I am pretty sure we need everyone working together on this.

If you have not yet made the decision to let your voice be heard or let your feet march to be seen and heard, consider this an invitation. History has shown that we can make a difference, but we do need everyone to do this. It may take many steps, and the fortitude to not give in or give up.

There’s something happening here.

It is not a good thing!

We all…together…must make it better…

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