My UFO Sighting (and Chase), Perrysburg, Ohio, 1977

My UFO Sighting (and Chase), Perrysburg, Ohio, 1977
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Maybe you are among the millions of Americans who viewed this US Navy video clip.

The New York Times investigation into the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program at the Pentagon reported that the first pilot who saw this object described it as a forty foot long Tic Tac, an Unidentified Flying Object with no visible means of propulsion“, “just hanging close to the water.” Said the pilot, “As I get closer, as my nose is starting to pull back up, it accelerates, and it’s gone. Faster than I’d ever seen anything in my life.” He added, "It was not from this world."

I’ve been waiting for this day since the night in the summer of '77 when I chased one.

That summer, after graduating from my Catholic all guys high school, a classmate and good friend, asked me to join him in Ohio as summer camp counselor. I love camp. I’d been a counselor-in-training for the Boy Scouts. I applied and was accepted. We arrived at The Divine Word Seminary, Summer Camp for boys, in Perrysburg, Ohio, aside the Maumee River, to find a wicked large campus with a fancy set up including classrooms, dormitories, and a big gym, plus horses, a horse barn and paddock, riding trails, hiking trails, a canoe pond, an archery range, a ball field, a woodshop, a great view, a large swimming pool, a rifle range, and a cafeteria.

Inside the cafeteria, for our first camp counselors meeting, amiable young men from South Africa, England, and everywhere the USA filled rows and rows of tables. Jobs were handed out that day--head of this; assistant of that; or counselor. I was the Boy Scout with a Riflery merit badge. The Camp Director asked me to head of the Rifle Range. I ran a safe, educational, and controlled firing line, and so I earned the Director's trust. He let me drive the camp sedan. The first night we went roller skating at the rink. The second night we said that were going roller skating at the rink, but instead we drove to a store and bought beer.

We turned up off of the camp road, about a mile before camp, to a secluded spot that one of the guys knew about. We drove up a dark and wooded hillside stopping at the scenic overlook that dead-ended in an empty parking lot above the Maumee River.

As I popped a cassette tape into the player and clicked play, as the first beers in the back seat snapped open, as the pot pipe was being packed, the parking lot illuminated like daylight. Pop!

“Oh my God, it’s the cops!” One guy gasped.

Adrenaline and fear raced through our bodies. As the driver, feeling responsible, I said, “We are busted boys. Let’s be good Catholics school boys and give ourselves up. Everybody get out of the car. Hands up.”

We piled out as a guy gasped, “How I am going to explain an arrest to my parents?” We all worried the same thought as we turned to face the cops. Behind us, we saw nobody and nothing. The daylight came from above. We looked up at an entire ceiling solid with light right overhead. Wide-eyed and slightly blinded, I lowered my head to see if it had an edge. It did twenty-five or more yards away. We stood beneath the middle, the center, of it. Whatever it was, it was immense.

Awestruck, nobody spoke, and nobody moved, until a minute passed, after the adrenaline rush of fear of cops and parents subsided. Suddenly the aircraft--because what else can you call--began to drift silently, and slowly, down the hillside gliding just above tree-top. It looked like a saucer to me and it had visible means of propulsion.

A guy shouted, “Everybody in the car! Let’s go after it!”

We dove in. I turned the car around. We took off after it. A guy shouted, “Toss the beers, the pot, and the pipe out the windows.”

We turned toward camp racing after this unidentified aircraft. It was just ahead of us, and picking up speed as it paralleled the road skimming above treetop, flying over corn fields, and soy fields and woodlands a bright white light against a starlit sky.

And then we were speeding through camp. The speedometer read eighty-six. The aircraft accelerated. I floored it on the straightaway.

Miles from camp it made a turn right angle turn onto Route Sixty Four.

It never decelerated. It did ninety through the right angle turn. Imagine the G-forces.

"HOLY SH*T! DID YOU SEE THAT!", A guy shouted. As we zoomed passed the T-bone turn.

"Go after it! "Go after it!” They chorused.

I hit the brakes, and shot the car to the left, flying off the road, and down an embankment, landing in a cornfield, tearing through rows of corn by dozens with the steering wheel hard over, spraying an arc of corn parts and dirt, arcing for Route Sixty-Four. Straightening, I floored it. We bounded up the embankment and bounced down hard to the pavement. Heads and bodies went out windows searching the sky ahead and above, and everyone shouting at each other. A quarter mile toward the bridge over the Maumee River it waited, hovering, just over treetop. We roared on and in a split second, it shot up like a streak of light, at a humanly impossible speed and was gone.

I stopped the car. We got out saying nothing still staring up at the night sky, as we processed what just happened. After minutes passed by, a guy said, “Guys, there’re corn stalks are sticking out from under the car. No sense in getting caught."

We slow drive back to camp summarizing. It was an utter silent aircraft that could hover, could make impossible right angle turns and moved an unthinkable speed. It had no visible propulsion.

What did we think and feel? We thought that whoever they were,

that they knew, that we knew, that they had our attention; we were watching each other and we felt like they were playing with us, and maybe showing off for laughs as we might do.

We decided that it was smarter to keep this event among ourselves that summer. Who would have believed us? And there was the matter of the cornfield. I checked under the sedan at first light, before the camp awoke--good thing that I did. There were two partial corn stalks underneath.

I’ve told a few trusted people over the years but mostly kept my mouth for obvious reasons. I can't prove it. I can’t expect you to believe me unless you’ve seen one, and I think that are plenty of good people who have seen one, who don’t talk about it and want to talk about it. Now’s a good time. Why? Because, as the Daily Mail Reported, “The former head of a Pentagon program to understand the mysteries of UFOs has said that such objects visiting Earth had been 'proved beyond reasonable doubt'.” Let that legal term sink in.

Let’s keep this conversation, meaning your replies, focused on your personal sighting of unidentified aircrafts by describing them and what they did. It’s a safe place to begin. Just the facts. I’d love to read your comments below. Oh, and think of the theological implications, my clergy friends. If this video means something to you, please share it.

Peace out. Jah Love. God is One Love for us all. Until next time.

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