My Upcoming TV Series in the Fall Line Up

This year has been pretty great to me. Not only did I survive a record SIX appendectomies, but nine of my shows that went to pilot got picked up by major networks. I'm giving you readers here a first look at what you'll be sinking your proverbial teeth into come fall. Look out J.J. Abrams, there's a new one of you in town.

Over Our Heads: Coming to NBC Thursdays, Over Our Heads tells the heartwarming tale of a homeless man (Zooey Deschanel in man-face) who is currently dating the girl who's attic he is secretly living in. (NBC)

Are You Smarter Than A Producer Of 'Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?': Chances are you're not, as if you've made it on this show you're a complete and total idiot. (FOX)

Good Vibrations: After accidentally rubbing up against a replica of an old genie's lamp, local Brookstone employee Susan Surrandon finds herself switching bodies with a massage chair. Tagline: Sometimes it takes becoming a massage chair to find out who you really are. (NBC)

King Tut: Unwrapped: A merger between the Food Network and The History Channel, this takes us on an inside look at how those delicious King Tuts are made. Hosted by Mark Summer's dad's friend. (HISTORY)

High Art: Two stoners inherit a Jackson Pollack painting after their wealthy grandfather dies. All is well until they drop it and can't figure out which direction to hang it back up in. (CHILLER)

iLarry: My first foray into children's programming, this show is about the 40-year-old sex offender who watches iCarly's web series every day. (CBS)

The Mysterious Island: After a jet-ski crash strands a group of fifteen strangers on a magical island, they find themselves transported back in time to before they crashed on the magical island, and the problem is resolved thusly. (ABC)

Presidents Day: After local 8-year-old Tommy Dorsey wishes for it to be President's Day every day, he wakes up to find that it has magically come true. Shortly after he is savagely murdered by a pack of rabid wolves. (FOX)

Morgan Evans Produces TV Shows: This is a non-fiction show about me trying to lose fifty pounds before my wedding. (BRAVO)