My Wife Speaks Out About Living With Bipolar

My wife, Chelsea, and I have been in love since we were 17. Ironically enough, when we first met each other we hated one another. Until we got paired together for a class project in high school and literally two weeks after that, I told her I loved her. Seven years later, on April 4, 2015 we FINALLY got married. We truly believe that there is that one person in life that you just get. You don't have to learn about them to decide if they're "the one". You simply know it from day one. We have so many strikes against us: we're young, same sex and interracial. But I refuse to believe in all the reasons it won't work, and believe in the one reason that it will -- because we love each other whole-heartedly. I am at my most complete with Chelsea in my life.


We started a YouTube Channel to document our life and share our story in hopes that it will be an inspiration to others. Whether you're gay or not, we believe there is something in our story for everyone. Whether you've dealt with long distance, breakups, infidelity, we've experienced it all and here we are today, standing taller than ever before!

However, there's been a looming secret that my wife and I have pretty much kept for years. Chelsea has finally gathered the courage to speak out about her bipolar disorder.

Afraid of judgment and negativity, Chelsea has been nervous to speak out about her mental illness and draw in the stereotypes that are associated with people who suffer from mental illnesses. While many people suffer from anxiety, anxiety is only a small part of what Chelsea goes through on a daily basis. Please watch this video with an open mind and heart, as Chelsea opens up about what it's like to deal with bipolar disorder:

Too many people don't speak out about having a mental illness because no one wants the "crazy" label that comes along with it. Understandably, no one wants to feel judged... whether it's judgment from employers, your friends or even your family. People who suffer from mental illnesses are not crazy and cannot help having a mental illness anymore than you can help having two arms and two legs. It is not a "problem" to be solved, but an enigma to be understood.

Thank you for hearing our story, and we want to hear from YOU. Please let us know if you know anyone personally who suffers from a mental illness and what this article means to you. We feel this is something the world needs to better understand, and we want to pave the way for conversation around mental illnesses in young adults!