Watch What Happens When A Mylar Balloon Hits The Power Lines

Stand back!

Hold on to those balloons.

A video filmed in Long Beach, Calif., shows what happens when Mylar balloons get tangled in the power lines near a transformer.

Long Beach Local News, which posted the footage on Facebook, said the explosive reaction led to a power outage that lasted for hours.

Here it is in slow motion:

Southern California Edison said 942 power outages were caused by metallic balloons in its service area in 2016 alone, and the power company urged people to tie down balloons.

Keep them tied down,” Bojan Plavsic, who frequently removes the balloons from power lines for the company, said in a news release in May. “They’re not made to let fly away, especially because of the metal and electricity. Nothing good can come out of it.”

In some cases, damage from balloons have even caused power lines to fall.

“Such a small thing made for fun that can cause a lot of damage,” Plavsic said. “It can go from zero to a hundred with them. It can just be a blown main line wire or multiple wires down.”

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