This Is What Happens When You Try To Pass Off The Bahamas As Myrtle Beach

The real loser here is "Dirty Myrtle."
This isn't the South Carolina shore, for sure.
This isn't the South Carolina shore, for sure.

If you’ve ever been to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, you’d know that it looks nothing like the pristine, palm tree-lined, crystal-clear beaches of the Bahamas. 

Mo, a resident of Myrtle Beach who goes by the Twitter handle @23Mullikin, knows that.

But that didn’t stop her from tweeting the slow-motion video below, which shows translucent water pouring into an insanely clear ocean, and adding the caption, “Myrtle Beach, SC 😍.”

The tweet was a joke, Mo explained on Twitter, but not everyone felt heart-eyes over her humor.

Dozens of people pointed out the obvious over the weekend, tweeting at Mo to explain that her picturesque video is not Myrtle Beach. It’s actually a Vine video of the Bahamas shared by Twitter user Jose Vitorio De Alme in 2016, as BuzzFeed pointed out.

Thinking that Mo was genuinely trying to pass off the Bahamas as Myrtle Beach, hordes of angry people proceeded to drag her on Twitter. 

“What myrtle beach you goin too [sic],” one person wrote in response to the video. Others just decided to call out her “lie” with angry GIFs.

Amid the chaos caused by Mo’s tweet, people began sending in videos of their version of the real Myrtle Beach, which many explained was nicknamed “Dirty Myrtle” ― and the commentary was much, much worse.

Actual residents of Myrtle Beach created their own water bottle videos, pouring water into a murkier ocean, which were much more realistic for the popular co-ed spring break destination.

One person shared a photo of a plastic bag filled with brown water against a sunset. Another shared a Photoshopped image of a water bottle being poured onto a pile of trash.

One tweet simply showed a garbage bin floating down a flooded street. Others chimed in to make sure Mo knew that Myrtle Beach’s water is brown.

The most disturbing image of Myrtle Beach was a screen shot of a real local news article detailing the high levels of bacteria in the waters at North Myrtle Beach last Thursday.

As for Mo, as seen in her very real beach selfie she shared last week, she took it all in stride.



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