Mystery Solved Over Bush "Miss me yet?" Billboard

A mystery has been brewing over who paid for the billboard off a Minnesota road which features a photo of former President George W. Bush with the words "Miss me yet?"

I'm here to confess that I know who did it. I'm not proud, but it was me and several hundred other comedians who used to tell Bush jokes. We desperately miss him!

No one in politics was easier to write jokes about- although to be honest, Sarah Palin has a lot of potential - am I the only person who when you watch Sarah Palin make a speech, you begin to appreciate the intellect of Paris Hilton.

I look back nostalgically at the "Best of Bush:" His mispronunciation of words like "Al-keyda" and "newclear," his inability to watch TV and chew a pretzel at the same time, his falling off a bicycle, playing dress up on an aircraft carrier and of course dodging shoes like "Neo from the Matrix. Ahhh, the good ole days.

Now we are stuck with an articulate, intelligent President who knows how to read. C'mon, President Obama - the comedians need your help! You want to create more jobs, than help America's comedians who need more work!! Can you please mispronounce some words, mangle an expression, maybe say something like: "Is our children learning" like President Bush so famously did. Obama even knows how to dance well! We comedians are doomed!

I say with all due respect to President Obama: I know you are focused on issues like jobs, health care reform and solving the Middle East conflict, but can you throw us a comedic bone so we don't have to waste money on these billboards - we are desperate! Please don't make us form a "Comedians for Sarah Palin for President!"