'MythBusters' 10th Anniversary: The Hosts Remember The Show's 10 Most Memorable Moments

"MythBusters" has celebrated quite a few milestones in the show's 10 years on the air -- from rockets and explosives to meeting President Obama -- and we've got the top 10 most memorable moments from the past 10 years, straight from the hosts themselves.

With 885 myths tested, nearly 200 episodes aired, over 7,200 hours filmed, 815 explosions under their belts and 43,500 yards of duct tape used, "MythBusters" kicks off its 10th year (Wed., May 1, 9 p.m. ET on Discovery Channel) by revisiting the myth from their very first episode: Can a JATO rocket-propelled car actually fly?

HuffPost TV caught up with Adam Savage, Jamie Hyneman, Grant Imahara, Kari Byron and Tori Belleci to get their take on their biggest, best and craziest experiments so far, including the rocket car that started it all. Each host shared their two favorite memories from the show, both on camera and behind-the-scenes ... and there's even some scoop on two very cool upcoming myths.

Keep reading for their top 10 moments, in no particular order, then tell us: What's your favorite "MythBusters" moment so far?

#1: Filming With President Obama, "President's Challenge"
"Filming with President Obama in the White House. We never set out to make an educational program, or a program that would be inspiring kids. We often joke that we never think of the children while we're filming. But a couple of years ago, the Obama administration reached out to 'MythBusters' to help them push this STEM initiative -- Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, which we'd like the add an "A" to and make it the STEAM Initiative, because you need Art in there as well. We shot an episode in conjunction with Obama, and we went to the White House and filmed with him the White House library which was totally bizarre and amazing. To have had such an affect after all these years -- again, it's not something we anticipated or set out to do -- but when you're standing across from the President, running lines, it's pretty surreal." -- Adam Savage

#2: Riding A Motorcycle Across A Lake, "Motorcycle Water Ski" (Airs June 5, 2013)
"There have been a lot of high points, in terms of adrenaline -- not long ago I rode a motorcycle across a lake. That's something that you have no idea what it's really going to be like. This was a ridiculously fast dirt bike that was very lightweight. I headed for this reservoir as fast as I could get it going ... [Editor's note: At this point, Adam chimes in to remind Jamie that this episode hasn't aired yet, and not to spoil anything.] Well ... the idea is that you can skate on top of the water with one of these bikes, not from momentum, but hitting the water, the tires are acting like skis, and the bike is propelling you forward. It's one of those things ... getting on that bike and barely being able to control it on the terrain I was on to get it up to speed, and hoping that it was going to work out ... that's really quite something. [Laughs.] But yeah, I won't say anything more about that." -- Jamie Hyneman

#3: Rocket Car, Part 1, "Jet-Assisted Chevy"
"Some of my most favorite moments come from the very start because that's when I hadn't seen thousands of explosions, and it was all just insane. The first JATO Rocket Car. I wasn't on camera, but I had chased Jamie and Adam down to the desert because I was working in Jamie's shop. Seeing the JATO car go for the very first time, and seeing how giggly and excited everybody was, was the most amazing moment. It just felt like we were starting something insane. I just couldn't believe that I was there to witness it. It was quite a moment." -- Kari Byron

#4: JATO Rocket Car Behind The Scenes, "Jet-Assisted Chevy"
"At the very beginning of the series, the original rocket car. Driving a full-sized car, on radio control, with rockets on it, from a helicopter ... keep in mind, this is actually the first episode to air. We had experience in special effects up until that time, but nothing like that. It still stands out as one of the high points of the entire 'MythBusters' experience. Watching that thing take off into the distance like some kind of a wild animal was just something hilarious.

We didn't really know what it was going to do, and what didn't end up on the show was that I had told everybody, 'If you see this thing get out of control, do what a chicken does: If you run at it, it'll run off at right angles. It increases your odds of escaping something if it's headed for you.' So we in the helicopter caught up and we headed back to home base, and in my joy I was taking the car around a bit in sort of a victory dance, not remembering that these cars following us weren't really aware of what was happening. So they see this rocket car coming at them swerving all over the place, and of course they scattered like chickens. [Laughs.] It was quite funny." -- Jamie Hyneman

#5: Rocket Car, Revisited "JATO Rocket Car: Mission Accomplished?"
"It would have to be witnessing the JATO Rocket Car in real life -- our most recent revisit. I wasn't there for the first two, but I did work on this one, and even though I wasn't driving the car or actually physically doing anything on the experiment, it's just epic. And we had the whole team there, which we rarely have, so it seems fitting that that's the episode that we kick off our 10th anniversary with. It's a truly special episode." -- Grant Imahara

#6: And A Rocket-Powered Surfboard, "Titanic Survival"
"There are so many incredible moments. Recently we tested a guy riding a surfboard with rockets on it. This guy lived in California and was a surfer, then moved the midwest and missed surfing, so he decided he was going to go out onto a lake with a surfboard, strap rockets to the surfboard and surf across the lake. So we built this surfboard, strapped rockets to it and the insurer said it was OK if I rode it, so I got to ride it. That was probably one of the craziest things for me on the show." -- Tory Belleci

#7: Flying With The Blue Angels, "Curving Bullets"
"Getting to fly three times in two days with the Blue Angels. Sitting in the back of a F/A-18 Hornet ... I have a weak stomach. So I broke the speed of sound seven times, I pulled seven-and-a-half Gs three times, I threw up five times. The throwing up -- and even the passing out -- did not diminish from how awesome it is to be in one of those planes with those pilots." -- Adam Savage

#8: Luxury Car Drop, "Demolition Derby"
"We were doing luxury car drop, and I was in a helicopter trying to release a car at the exact same time that Grant and Tory were remote-controlling a car through the desert, trying to make them both hit on the 'X.' I remember having one of those oh-my-God moments. [Laughs.] There was so much pressure, and logistically it was such an intense myth ... actually seeing it work ... when I got to the bottom and got off the helicopter, we actually all ran to each other and started jumping and hugging in a circle. It was goofy, but it was pure elation." -- Kari Byron

#9: So Nice It Made The List Twice, "Demolition Derby"
"When we were dropping a car from a helicopter, having to race another car on the ground ... it was for a commercial, but basically this new luxury car is supposed to have such great acceleration that it's faster than gravity. Kari was in a cargo chopper with a full-size BMW, and Tory and I were in another helicopter chasing a radio-controlled similar car that I am controlling myself from the backseat of the chopper. All the things that had to come together in order for that myth to be tested ... everything that has to happen all at the same time, and go exactly right for us to be able to test that myth, it was a memorable experience and something that I'm not sure we'd be able to repeat. [Laughs.]" -- Grant Imahara

#10: Zombies! (Not Yet Aired)
"Recently we tested zombie myths, and I've been a huge fan since I was a little kid -- 'Night of the Living Dead' on, I'm just a fanatic when it comes to zombie movies -- and for us to test myths about it and actually have over 200 volunteers show up, in make-up, in costume, in character as zombies, it was one of the most surreal moments. We knew it was fake, we knew this was a controlled situation, but it was such a weird experience to look out and see this sea of zombies trying to eat you. It was awesome! And I got to go down to L.A. and hang out with Greg Nicotero, the make-up artist for 'The Walking Dead,' and he made me up like a zombie. It was like my little dreams as a kid all coming true." -- Tory Belleci

"MythBusters" returns Wed., May 1, 9 p.m. ET on Discovery Channel.

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