Mythologizing Bolton

John Bolton has resigned as the US envoy to the UN and already the commentariat is trying to mythologize his record at the UN while simultaneously condemning Democrats and Republican liberals for daring to oppose him. As we say in TV land, let's go to the replay. John Bolton was a disaster as America's representative to the world body.

Before he went to the UN, he expressed open contempt for the body saying such things as it would not make any difference if you lopped ten stories off the UN building. Within a month of his recess appointment last summer 2005, he deliberately undermined and partly destroyed the greatest reform effort at the UN ever undertaken -- which would have restructured the organization and improved its operations in many different areas --by flooding the negotiation process with hundreds of gratuitous amendments that hampered any final settlement. He tried to drop any mention of the UN's most important mission -- the Millennium Development Goals -- from the reform package until his own boss, Secretary of State Rice, reversed him. His own antics over changes in the Human Rights Commission contributed to the creation of a defective new Human Rights Council. Meantime, he brought in antiabortion activists and National Rifle Association members to the US mission to promote their extreme causes at UN sessions.

According to continuing press reports, he bruised, battered and bewildered other UN diplomats with his rudeness and intemperate behavior. That he was even listed on the same roster as previous US ambassadors like Adlai Stevenson, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, and even Gorge H.W. Bush was an insult to our nation. We as a country should wish him good riddance.