N-Judah Is San Francisco's Most Accident-Prone Muni Line

According to a report by the San Francisco Examiner, the N-Judah line has the most accidents of any of Muni's six light rail routes.

The N-Judah, which stretches from Ocean Beach to the Caltrain station in SoMa, experienced 84 collisions between 2008 and 2011--that's an average of one accident or derailment every 13 days.

The report found the safest line was the K-Ingleside, which had only 26 accidents during the same time period.

Transit activist Greg Dewar, who publishes the N-Judah Chronicles blog, said the N is particularly troublesome for several reasons, including its path through dense neighborhoods.

"It could be something as simple as a double-parked car, or a vehicle running an intersection where it thinks it has the right of way," Dewar said. "Sometimes accidents happen simply from people being stupid."

One way to get around the N-Judah's perennial problems is to take the newly instituted N-Judah Express bus line--Muni's $1.8 million plan to alleviate congestion on the line by running a bus between Downtown and the Outer Sunset.

The N-Judah carries the highest volume of passengers of any light rail line in the entire system.

In a recent report, SFMTA officials deemed the N-Judah Express a success, citing higher than expected ridership numbers.

Check out this explicitly named, but very accurate, website to determine exactly how f*@&ed the N-Judah is at this very moment.