N-p-Elliott's Avantgarde Streetwear Adds a Breath of Fresh Air to NYFW: Men's


“I think there’s too much clothing,” Nicholas Elliott told me backstage before the debut of his Spring 2017 collection for his brand N-p-Elliott. “I love that as a fashion designer I’m saying this, but it’s it is, It’s so much waste, so I much rather do a concise collection that says something and do fewer styles in a few different variations of fabrication.” For Spring, Elliott seemed to want to say something that speaks to the young rebels. Voltaire, an Eighteenth Century philosopher, and author of one of the designer’s favorite books Candide: or, Optimism, was the inspiration for this season’s offerings.


First look at N-P-Elliott Spring 2017 Collection!

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Elliott’s offerings fit right into to this new streetwear trend that is currently having a moment with both men and women.  A cross and words closely associated with religion like “holy” were embroidered across hoodies and on the back of racing back velour tanks. Stripes, houndstooth and a red and white cross canvas made up most of the prints which found themselves on a majority of the shorts and jeans. Standout pieces included mandarin collar printed green shirt, oversized velour tees and a houndstooth bomber jacket paired with green trousers and a floral embroidered crew neck shirt.  Overall it was a fun collection, on trend with a lot that’s been seen on day one and two ― bomber jackets and hues of hunter green to name a couple― and thanks to Elliott’s Scottish background added London Fashion Week pizazz to Men’s Week in NYC, Bravo Nicholas Elliott.

N-P-Elliott Spring 2017 Collection

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