Pastor Kevin Swanson Slams Honey Maid's 'Wholesome' Ad, Compares Being Gay To Murder, Cannibalism

Accepting Gay Families Is Like Tolerating Axe Murder, Cannibalism, According To This Pastor

Nabisco's controversial Honey Maid commercial depicting a same-sex couple is continuing to spark the ire of a number of conservative pundits.

As Right Wing Watch is reporting, Pastor Kevin Swanson of Colorado is the latest to take the company to task over the "Wholesome" graham cracker ad campaign.

In a Generations Radio broadcast, Swanson went as far as to compare homosexuality to "axe murder" and cannibalism, before predicting that Nabisco was "going to lose business" in the wake of the campaign.

"When you come down to things like axe murder or homosexuality and you say, ‘We’re really going to promote it and we’re going to encourage everybody in America to engage in this or at least support this thing,’ there will be people on the other side who will take an adamantly opposed position to your support of axe murdering or homosexuality," he said. "They will be intolerant -- they will be very intolerant of that which is evil, like axe murdering."

Listen to Swanson's remarks, courtesy of Right Wing Watch, here:

Swanson, whose opposition to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights is well-established, didn't stop there, suggesting that the company might follow up the ad with a clip promoting bestiality.

"Maybe they had another family where a dog is the wife with a human husband," he said, before adding, "Homosexuals love their friends and cannibals love their victims -- they taste good.”

Listen to more of Swanson's thoughts on the new ad here:

Swanson's remarks follow those of One Million Moms, a right-wing conservative group best known for threatening to boycott JCPenney in 2012 after the retail chain hired Ellen DeGeneres as its spokesperson.

Representatives for One Million Moms slammed Nabisco, saying the company should be ashamed of themselves for "attempt[ing] to normalize sin."

Meanwhile, Honey Maid has responded to the conservative backlash in a particularly unique way.

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