Nabro Volcano Eruption: NASA Satellite Over Eritrea Snaps Photos Of The Violent Explosion

On June 12, a series of earthquakes struck the region in East Africa where Eritrea's Nabro Volcano is located. Since then, the volcano has been erupting, spewing massive plumes of ash into the sky over East Africa and the Middle East.

Flights have been grounded or rerouted around the gaseous cloud, and local residents have been evacuated from the surrounding region as lava pours from the volcano.

NASA's Advanced Land Imager aboard the Earth Observing-1 satellite passed over Eritrea on June 24 and captured stunning, high-res images of the volcanic activity below.

"Despite the volcano's widespread effects, little is known about the eruption," according to NASA. "Nabro is located in an isolated region along the border between Eritrea and Ethiopia, and few English-language reports have been published. Satellite remote sensing is currently the only reliable way to monitor the ongoing eruption."

View the images (below) to observe the Nabro eruption. The top image displays intense heat from the lava flow in false-color red; condensed water vapors escaping from the volcano appear blue-white and very thick, while gasses rising from the lava appear wispier and green-blue in color. The bottom image shows the eruption as it appears to the naked eye.