Porn Actor Nacho Vidal Arrested In Photographer's Toad Venom Death

The adult film star is one of three people Spanish police arrested in connection with the death of a photographer who died after inhaling psychedelic toad venom.
Actor Nacho Vidal at the 22th Malaga Film Festival on March 22, 2019 in Malaga, Spain.
Actor Nacho Vidal at the 22th Malaga Film Festival on March 22, 2019 in Malaga, Spain.

Spanish authorities have arrested porn actor Nacho Vidal on suspicion of involuntary manslaughter after a man died during a ritual involving psychedelic toad venom.

The 46-year-old Vidal, whose legal name is Ignacio Jordà, is one of three people arrested in connection with the death of fashion photographer José Luis Abad last July, in the town of Enguera, Valencia, according to the Guardian.

Authorities have charged Vidal, as well as unidentified man and woman, with involuntary manslaughter and violating public health laws.

“Officers began the investigation after the death of a person during a mystical ritual involving the inhalation of vapours from the venom of the bufo alvarius toad,” read a police statement translated by the Guardian.

The animal, also called the Sonoran Desert toad or Colorado River toad, defends itself from predators by secreting a toxin that contains5-MeO-DMT, a psychedelic substance that research suggests may be a possible treatment for depression and anxiety, according to John Hopkins magazine.

The Telegraph notes Vidal has long touted the effects of toad venom.

In one 2016 video, the actor reportedly said the toxin’s strong effects helped him “reconnect with his soul” and “with the Earth and Mother Nature.”

Vidal’s lawyer told media that his client considers Abad’s death an unfortunate accident, but “considers himself to be innocent,” according to the BBC.

The lawyer told the Spanish language news agency Efe that no one forced the victim to take the toad toxin.

“With all due respect to the dead man and his family, Nacho maintains that the consumption [of the venom] was completely voluntary,” according to a translation by the BBC.

Vidal has appeared in more than 732 adult movies since starting his porn career in 1997, according to the Internet Adult Film Database.