Nader Fathollahi Red Card: Soccer Player Ejected In Mes Sarcheshmeh, Esteghlal Match (VIDEO)

Iranian Soccer Player Ejected 16 Seconds Into Match After Slide Tackling Opponent Crotch First

An Iranian soccer player's stay in a recent match lasted only slightly shorter than Kim Kardashian's marriage.

Sorry, we couldn't resist.

During a match between Mes Sarcheshmeh and Esteghlal, Nader Fathollahi of Sarcheshmeh was awarded with a very early exit -- after 16 seconds, to be exact -- as a result of his illegal, and highly unorthodox, tackle on Andranik Teymourian.

Fathollahi, apparently a little too fired up at the start of the match, took Teymourian down with a bizarre crotch-first tackle that could have severely injured both players involved.

Fathollahi's early red card narrowly beat out that of Rashed Al Hooti of Bahrain, who lasted all of 39 seconds in a match earlier in October before being ejected.

Despite being down a man the entire match, Mes Sarcheshmeh only lost the match 1-0.


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