Nadya Suleman: A New House And Six Angry, Sad Older Kids

Nadya Suleman: A New House And Six Angry, Sad Older Kids

Friday night Nadya Suleman's second publicist quit, Saturday she gave (sold?) an interview to syndicated entertainment show "The Insider" and took them to see her octuplets, and now she's buying a house with all the money she has coming in from her website and selling interviews and images.

According to the interview, her older six kids aren't handling the eight new kids well, saying they are, "Externalizing their anger. Internalizing it. They become more withdrawn and get a little more sad."

She also touched on her still-unknown sperm donor, saying she paid him a "certain amount of money."

Late Monday TMZ reported that she will close on a house this week.

It's located in La Habra, near where OctoGrandma lives now. It has four bedrooms and three bathrooms, a large master bedroom with a walk-in closet and a large backyard. It's listed for $564,900.

Below is the press release detailing the Insider interview:

THE INSIDER visited with Nadya Suleman at Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Bellflower, CA on Saturday, March 7th, to see how all eight octoplets are doing, for a new interview to air tonight, March 9th and tomorrow, March 10th.

Nadya tells THE INSIDER how the two smallest octuplets are today, "Josiah is still feeding from a tube that's where he gets his milk. But he's stable, just still really little, just two pounds. Jonah is the littlest one. He's also got a feeding tube but he's doing amazing, negative in all his tests. Brainscan, everything is perfect. He's actually 2 and a half pounds already so that's wonderful. I cried a little when I saw him because he wasn't with this other siblings on the other side. Give it a week, two weeks. He's so strong, so I'm happy, That's all that matters."

When asked if she paid the father of the octuplets for his sperm donation, Nadya says, "A certain amount of money... not too much but just enough so he knew that there were boundaries there. I wanted those boundaries to be really firm and know that this is a business arrangement."

On if the octuplets will experience delays in their development, she says, "There will most likely be delays. Delayed walking and delayed speech, but that's where early intervention is key. It's really critical, and that's why I'm going to do what I can. That's also why I'll be getting a lot of help. The nannies that I'm going to use have already been trained to really work with them to decrease the probability of any of that happening."

Nadya tells THE INSIDER how her older children are handling the birth of the octuplets, "Externalizing their anger. Internalizing it. They become more withdrawn and get a little more sad. One of my kids for a while, I noticed he didn't want to deal with the reality of what's going on. I noticed some tears coming down his face. I held him for ten minutes and he held me back and that's all he needed."

She also revealed the current weight of all octuplets: Nariah: 3.5 lbs, Makai: 3.5 lbs, Jeremiah: 3.5 lbs, Jonah: 2.5, Josiah: 2.5 lbs, Noah: 4.5 lbs, Isaiah: 4.5 lbs, Maliah: 4 lbs.

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