The One Reason You Need To Fall In Love With Nail Art Again

If you thought nail art was dead, you're dead wrong.

It's hard to comb through all of the pretty, and let's admit it, not so pretty, pictures of manicures ranging from simple white polish to weapons complementing razor sharp nails. But, there are some Pinterest and Instagram accounts that we can't keep our eyes off of -- and one of those is Christina Rinaldi's @thisisprima, the creative director and conceptual nail artist for Prima Creative.

There's not much we can say about her designs as much as we can show you, but you should know that Rinaldi's presentation of really rad nail art is one of the coolest, most innovative we've seen in a while. Images depicting real life as well as artistically crafted ones make her artistry stand out in the nail art game.

So rev up your #manicuremonday engines, and get inspired by @thisisprima.

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