Nail Clipping, Flossing Teeth and 13 More Personal Grooming Habits That Should Never Be Done In Public (PHOTOS)

Yes, Gisele. Even you have crossed the line!

As someone who spends up to two hours a day commuting to work, I am exposed to a lot of personal grooming in the mornings. I'm totally guilty of wielding a tube of bright red lipstick within inches of my bus seatmate, however, I consider my glamorous habit less extreme on the list of public beautification.

While recently chatting with my fashion editor Christina Anderson and senior editor Brie Dyas about the grooming habits that we've been subjected to as passersby, things got far weirder than applying rouge on the train. From clipping nails to popping pimples, there are apparently no boundaries when it comes to pulling oneself together. Even if it's at the expense of someone else. In fact, we wonder if these people think that the subway car is an extension of their own bathrooms.

Check out our complete list of personal grooming habits that should be done behind closed doors, then leave a comment on the grossest thing you've seen done in public.

Clipping Toenails

Grooming Habits Not To Do In Public

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