Nail Salon Safety: 11 Red Flags You Should Never Ignore (PHOTOS)

11 Signs You Should Get The Heck Out Of The Nail Salon

The nail salon is a relaxing refuge (that is, when you're not seated at a manicure station next to a loud cell phone talker). It's one of the few places outside of our bathtubs where we retreat to soak away stress. When we're at the nail salon, picking the perfect nail color becomes our only care in the world.

But then there are red flags we've encountered while getting a mani and pedi that make us want to bolt. Below, 11 signs that you should get the heck out of the nail salon.

  1. Stacks of raggedy, old magazines. This is an obvious sign that not much cleaning is happening.
  2. nail salon safety

  • Dusty mannequin hands and artificial plants. Not only are these objects dated, but they attract dust mites.
  • Nail polish bottles with settled pigments. One of the many reasons why we prefer to bring our own nail color to the salon.
  • A salon pet. Animals are cute, but they aren't safe in this environment.

  • Clogged whirpool foot baths. The bacteria outbreak that occurred in Watsonville, Calif. always comes to mind when we slide into the pedicure chair.

  • nail salon safety

  • No running hot water. How can anyone effectively wash their hands?
  • Nail salon licenses that aren't clearly visible. When sharp tools and flammable chemicals are used, you'd want to be sure that your hands and feet are in the care of a professional.
  • Manicurists with open cuts or bruises. Nail care can be a pretty risky business, however, health should always come before making a profit.
  • Nauseating and toxic chemical fumes. Proper ventilation keeps us all safe from gases, vapors and fumes that may affect our respiratory systems.

  • nail salon safety

  • Unwashed towels. Dirty laundry can become breeding grounds for illness-causing bacteria and even lice.
  • Diluted disinfectants or malfunctioning sterilizers. Cutting corners on sterilization can result in the transmission of nail fungus and infections.
  • What red flags have you come across at the nail salon?

    We hope these stars avoid these nail salon hazards:

    Emma Roberts

    Celebrities At The Nail Salon

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