15 Nail Salon Nightmares... And How To Avoid Them (GIFS)

"Why are you talking to me?"

After spending an entire work week typing ferociously on our laptops, the editors here at HuffPost Style can't wait to get something done with our badly chipped nails. Yet, things often take an ugly turn as soon as we step foot inside the nail salon.

From the rapid-fire shouting of "Pick your color! Pick your color!" to the anxiety that creeps up when the manicurist reaches for the callus shaver, where is the sense of calm?

Scroll down for our list of 15 things that stress us out at the nail salon, including solutions to prevent panic and frustration:

  1. When you go in for a manicure and they ask if you're there for an eyebrow wax. Or an upper lip wax. Or an arm wax.

Solution: Smile and reply, "Maybe next time."

  • The pressure to pick a nail color in just 10 seconds.
  • Solution: Bring your own nail polish. Done deal.

  • Whether our toes should match our fingernail color. Decisions ... decisions.
  • Solution: Test out various shade combinations days before your next nail salon visit.

  • If you don't like your nail color once it's on, should you pipe up? Or is that too high-maintenance?
  • Solution: Yes! Don't be afraid to change your mind once you've at least seen the shade on one or two fingers.

  • People talking loudly on their cellphones.
  • Solution: Many salons and spas have a "No phone policy." However, it is okay to kindly ask your pedicure chair neighbor to turn things down a notch.

  • Are we obligated to chat with the person sitting next to us?
  • Solution: No. Crank up your iPod (but not too loud) to block out all the noise.

  • Should we spark up a conversation with the manicurist?
  • Solution: Only if you have to provide clear instructions. Constant chatter may actually be a major distraction and cause mistakes.

  • When there's an obvious communication barrier.
  • Solution: There is at least one person in the nail salon who can get your message across.

  • Messing up our manicure because we're too distracted by all the magazines!
  • Solution: Get a 15-minute massage while you wait for your nails to dry, or try meditating.

  • If we're offending the manicurist by telling her how to do her job (i.e. Don't clip our cuticles, in fact, don't even touch our cuticles).
  • Solution: You're paying for a service. While they are the pros, it's your body.

  • Debating whether we should get our callused feet shaved.
  • Solution: Just don't do it. It tickles, plus it's not hygienic. A pumice stone is a safer and healthier alternative.

  • Should we say something if we don't see the nail tools come out of the sterilizer?
  • Solution: You certainly should! Or bring your own set.

  • What do you do when your feet can't reach the pedicure bowl? Slouching isn't sexy.
  • Solution: Research local nail salons ahead of time that offer accommodations to make the experience more comfortable.

  • How much are you supposed to tip? What to do if one person starts your manicure and another finishes them?
  • Solution:
    Depending on the service provided, you should tip at least ten percent of the total. 15 to 20 percent is a good standard. And don't forget to share the wealth if more than one manicurist worked on your nails.

    What stresses you out at the nail salon? Sound off in the comments section below.

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    Emma Roberts

    Celebrities At The Nail Salon

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