Woman Has Genius Solution When Cousin's Nails Weren't Done For Her Engagement

Jenna Nguyen lent a hand on her cousin’s special day — and her "services" went viral.

Though they ran into a minor issue, this couple totally nailed their engagement pictures.

Bride-to-be Diana Le didn’t have her nails done when her boyfriend José proposed to her. So Le’s cousin Jenna Nguyen, of Melbourne, Australia, offered up her own manicured hand for the perfect engagement shot. Honestly, the photos are very convincing. 

You can’t even tell Nguyen was doing this.

Nguyen, bottom right, helped her cousin Diana Le on her special day. 
Nguyen, bottom right, helped her cousin Diana Le on her special day. 

Nguyen shared the photos on Twitter, where they went wildly viral with hundreds of thousands of retweets and likes from people who were impressed with her quick-thinking. 

In a series of follow-up tweets, Nguyen explained that Le works as a nurse so she’s unable to have her nails done. Jose had led his soon-to-be-fiancé to believe that she was attending his parents’ anniversary party. 

Nguyen said there was no way Jose could ask his boo to get her nails done without raising suspicion. Luckily, Nguyen had her cousin’s back. 

While Nguyen was able to lend a hand on her cousin’s special day, she told Australia’s “Sunrise” that she doesn’t see a future in hand modeling.

“I’m more than just a pretty hand,” Nguyen joked. “I can do more than that.”