Naked and Trending

Customer comments expose us. Excluding the customers who review to get something for free, many of the remaining comments are requests for communication and connection. This is valuable. Your response impacts reputation and revenue.

When a request for feedback is accepted, a promise is made.

Here's an example of a squandered opportunity from the hotel industry. "Thank you for staying at ......... hotel" and then asking for feedback. When the Brand's request for details about a stay is accepted, a promise is created to honor the guest's input and time. The request implies that we care about our service and customer experience. A guest receives in response an email from the hotel's General Manager. The email is often impersonal and created from a generic template.

When that happens, a brand promise of caring hospitality is breached twice. The first on any service problems encountered as a hotel guest. The second breach (worse than the first) is when a hotel's response is shallow and insincere. That kind of communication creates a new reason to try a different brand next time.

What impression are you creating?

It is world class to be exemplary and engaged in communication with customers. Dull and common does not cut it. What impressions are your last 10-15 responses to customer comments creating?