Teen Says Naked Dog Walker Photobombed Her Senior Pics

We really hope this makes the yearbook.

Usually, senior pictures are pretty boring. There’s the classic “lean against the tree” pose, the “sit on a swing” pose ― you know the drill.

But an Oregon teenager has won the senior picture game once and for all, with the help of a wayward nude man who she says inadvertently popped into the frame while walking his dog. (Click on the pics for the full NSFW version.)

Jillian Henry, a rising senior at South Eugene High School, told The Oregonian that her friend, Elena Nesbit, was taking her photos at the Willamette River on Saturday when the nude figure emerged from the forest, dog in tow.

“His dog was running around and I was like, ‘He’s naked!’” Henry told local news station KGW. She added that she and her friend thought the situation was funny.

So far, the man hasn’t been identified. It’s unclear if the school yearbook will publish the photos, though we hope and pray it will find a way.



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