Police Arrest Naked Man Who Jumped Onto Moving Truck Near Dulles Airport

He crashed into two cars and assaulted a driver before stripping off his clothes and jumping onto that truck.

Police in Fairfax County, Virginia, arrested a man after they said he crashed his pick-up truck, stripped naked in Tuesday’s freezing temperatures and jumped onto a moving truck.

Jose Gonzalez Flores, 32, allegedly crashed into two cars near Dulles International Airport and assaulted one of the other drivers involved in the incident. Flores then went back to his vehicle, threw objects onto Sully Road and removed his clothing before jumping onto the moving truck, according to the police. He apparently broke the window of that truck and used a knife to stab the vehicle’s roof.

Once that driver stopped, police said Flores fled from the scene and was found later in a drainage ditch on Dulles Airport property. The warrants against Flores will not be served until he is released from the hospital, where he was admitted for non-life-threatening injuries, according to authorities.

Witness Tariq Hussein said that a naked Flores attempted to damage several cars following the initial accident. Hussein recorded the event on his cell phone after his dump truck was rear-ended.

“The guy was actually stopping the cars. He was laying down. He started swinging, laying down naked and all that stuff, so people stopped. They don’t want to run him down,” Hussein told NBC Washington.

Between the accident, Flores’ erratic behavior and the police search for him, traffic was blocked for nearly an hour, NBC Washington reported.

Police arrested Flores on two counts of felony hit-and-run, throwing an object at a moving vehicle, destruction of property, assault and battery, indecent exposure, disorderly conduct, and possession of marijuana.