Naked Yoga In Park Slope At Men-Only 'Naked Space'

Don't worry Park Slope! Naked Space, your favorite neighborhood naked yoga venue, is back! Fucked In Park Slope points us to their handy website: "Naked Space is back! Apologies for the lack of communication coming out of 2009. Like the sun, I went low to the horizon, and now I return." Phew!

For the uninitiated, six things you need to know about Naked Space:

1. Men only! Sorry ladies.

2. From the FAQ: What if I get an erection? "Congratulate yourself for having a healthy reproductive system. Seriously, erections are natural. Some guys will get them, some won't; either way, it's not a problem. What you choose to do with your erection is another matter. Be responsible for your actions and aware of the other people sharing the space."

3. For bodywork, "What it is: sensual, collaborative, intimate. What it isn't: sexual, passive, massage." Also, "A hybrid of assisted stretching, partner movement, and hands-on meditation. Experience the healing of safe, exploratory and mutual touch." Also, "$200."

4. Their website is so NSFW.

5. Why naked? "The instruction and practice of yoga without clothes reveals a wealth of information about the alignment of both teacher and student, which is otherwise hidden from view. The naked practice also fosters commonality and community, which can lead to a deeply supportive experience for everyone involved."

6. Charles loves it. A review on the website: "I've never had so much attention paid to my inner body," says Charles.

A yoga session is only $20, which is actually a steal compared to a lot of places in the city, so it could help your pocket to take off your pants.

And for those who can't make out to Park Slope, don't worry! There's naked yogis all over this city! Hot Nude Yoga (Manhattan), Naked Yoga for Men (Manhattan) Naked Yoga NYC (Manhattan), Sensual Yoga (Brooklyn, NY), and last, but not least, The Naked Truth, A Nude Yoga Encounter (Manhattan).

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