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10 Reasons To Vacation Naked (PHOTOS)

Social nudity is very powerful. You get to meet the most fascinating, friendly people.
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People crave fun, romantic, travel experiences. In the 2012 Harrison poll by MMGY Global, 90% of people agree that "The memories I get from my vacations make the trip worth it."

The problem: A lot of people don't know how to go about it creating those fond vacation memories.

Americans work hard, which is admirable, but the also skip vacation time. They've forgotten how to relax. Booking a chain hotel, sitting at a pool, downing drink after drink becomes boring. That's why so many people bring laptops and smartphones to the pool and why 75% of employees willingly work while on vacation.

Is it any wonder that a recent USA Today article says 60% of workers find vacations no longer relieve their stress?

Nakations are the answer. They counter humdrum, boring trips and give you a reason to look forward to future travel. Nakations are clothing optional nude vacation experiences.

Social nudity is very powerful. You get to meet the most fascinating, friendly people. Nude sunbathers come from all walks of life. When you bare your skin, you open your heart and bare yourself to new people, new ideas, etc. It's no wonder that most people once they take a nakation, they never want to wear clothes and stay at a boring chain hotel again.

People get hooked on topless and nude vacations. My resort for instance, The Terra Cotta Inn, Palm Springs, California, averages just over an 80% repeat guest rate.

The fact is, no one has ever grabbed their loved ones by the collar and gasped on their deathbed, "Gee, I wish I had spent more time at the office." Yet, judging by the American work obsession, you'd think everyone utters this.

Our country has some crazy ideas about "enjoying" life. Many look upon working long hours as a badge of honor to brag about instead of being pitied. They ignore studies that show by skipping vacations, workers burn out, become unhappy, unfocused, and less productive.

A recent Harris Interactive study for JetBlue Airlines discovered 57% of American employees do not take all of their vacation days off. We just can't seem to shake off the shackles of that Protestant work ethic that has our noses chained to the grindstone.

American workers need to unlock those mental handcuffs.Take a nakation. Once you do, you'll want to leave all the modern technology in your hotel room. No more sneaking a smartphone poolside, because you'll never want to wear a bikini again.

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