Naked Priest Driving While Intoxicated In Dearborn, Michigan, Told Cop He Likes Driving Nude

When cops approached this priest's car last weekend, he may have been too busy gathering his clothes to come up with a good excuse for his nudity.

Rev. Peter Petroske, former pastor of Sacred Heart Parish, was arrested last week in Dearborn, Mich. after allegedly driving a vehicle while intoxicated and naked, and now faces charges for his driving under the influence and and obscene conduct.

The Detroit Free Press reports an officer stopped Petroske after another driver called 911 to report a nude traveler on the roads. The priest was completely in the buff when approached by an officer, whom he reportedly told, "I was uhhh … hot … I like to drive around naked."

Petroske' blood alcohol content was .09, .01 above the legal limit for operating a motor vehicle in Michigan,, according to the Detroit News. According to the police report, says the News, Petroske was unable to correctly recite the alphabet or count from one to four.

Petroske was suspended indefinitely Monday after the Archdiocese of Detroit got wind of the incident, though he did perform Mass the morning after his arrest. The Catholic Archdiocese released a statement saying that it takes the situation seriously and is cooperating fully with law enforcement.

Petroske, 57, served as a pastor at eight churches in Michigan and had been at Sacred Heart since 2008. He won't be allowed on the church or school premises during his suspension, according to Dearborn Patch.

The suspended priest is not the only one to have a run-in with the cops in the nude. Below, check out other naked crimes.

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