'Naked Salute' To Prince Harry Facebook Page Has Supporters Stripping Down In Solidarity (VIDEO)

Fans Support Prince Harry With Their Own NSFW Photos

Prince Harry might be in a bit of trouble with the Royal Family for those naked Vegas photos, but he has amassed hoards of supporters online who are offering him a "Naked Salute" as a sign of solidarity.

As you might have heard, Prince Harry took a trip Las Vegas, one that ended up including an impromptu pool race against Ryan Lochte and a game of strip billards. Then the whole world found out about it, nudie pics and all.

Harry, who entered the Royal Military Academy in 2005 and has served in Afghanistan, will reportedly be reprimanded by army officials for those naked Vegas photos.

However, some of his army brethren decided to show some solidarity by creating a NSFW Facebook group titled, "Support Prince Harry with a naked salute!" In the group, members showed their support by uploading and tagging naked photos of their own. “Cover your crown jewels [and] support the nation’s favorite Royal,” a message in the group reads.

Initially, the "Naked Salute" group was limited to only members of the military, but when its popularity skyrocketed it was opened to the public, according to Entertainment Weekly. As of Wednesday morning, there were over 22,000 members and the number continued to increase.

There is even a website dedicated to the cause, Salute4Harry.co.uk.

"This group was started after a few serving and ex military lads started posting naked salutes to each other in support of Prince Harry!" reads the backstory.

The founders of the site are even considering using the popularity of the site to start a fundraiser for a good cause.

Head over to the "Naked Salute" Facebook page to see how fans are supporting Prince Harry (and maybe add a photo of your own). Warning: NSFW.

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