Semi-Naked Shoppers Line Up For Free Clothes At Desigual In Madrid (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Why Are These Shoppers Practically Naked?

Well, here's one clearance sale promotion with a twist. A naked twist.

Desigual, the Spanish clothing store, kicked off their January sale in Madrid today with a very, uh, cheeky gimmick: The first one hundred semi-nude shoppers were allowed free clothes.

Here's how it works, according to the store's website:

  • You get up early in the morning (just to be one of the first 100 to arrive) and head to your Desigual Store in Madrid, Preciados. (*).
  • You strip down to your underwear… and in you go!
  • Doors open at 9.00 am.
  • You look around, try some clothes on, check yourself out in the mirror and choose your favourite Desigual outfit (one top and one bottom).
  • You go to the cash desk and don't pay a penny! We'll just remove the alarms from your clothing!

And it looks like Spaniards bellied up to the challenge, gamely queuing up in panties, bras and briefs to await their free garb. The semi-nude sale will also reportedly be coming to Desigual's San Francisco store, so gird your loins, Californians.

Lucky shoppers in skivvies earned one free top and one free bottom, which we're guessing they covered up in immediately.

Check out the pics below from the Madrid store's opening -- the low temperature today in the capital city was 34 degrees Farenheit. Brr!


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