Naked Subway Man Video: Nude Man Attacks Passengers, Does Gymnastics At San Francisco BART Station (NSFW VIDEO)

Last month, a naked man walked into the underground 16th Street BART station in San Francisco's Mission District and started causing trouble. He was eventually taken into police custody and the story garnered a few scattered news reports.

But a shocking new video posted to YouTube on Monday reveals how the incident was less a case of typical San Francisco weirdness and actually a violent and decidedly scary experience.

The video, which appears to have been taken by a BART employee, shows the naked man assaulting passengers, doing acrobatics on top of the ticketing machinery and collapsing on the floor in convulsions. In the video, the man attacks both a young woman and an elderly man.

Some passersby stopped and stared, others jumped in to help, but the vast majority seemed to do their best to ignore the unfolding situation completely.

On the Facebook page of local blog Mission Mission an eyewitnesses provided more details on the incident, which apparently started above ground where the "naked man began shedding his clothes, running around screaming, and jumping on top of cars."

The witness, who wrote that he was busking at the station at the time, relayed that it took a team of police officers to eventually wrestle the man to the ground and wheel him out on a stretcher.

After his arrest, the man was unsurprisingly taken for a mental evaluation.

(WARNING: Video contains graphic, disturbing content.)



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