Calvin Klein's Sold-Out Naked Sweater Will Freak You Out

Um, this is clearly NSFW.

Celebrities often wear questionable outfits, and sweaters aren’t immune from their weird styling choices (ahem, sheer turtlenecks).

So we can imagine celebs are having a field day over a new “sweater” from Calvin Klein’s Fall 2017 collection.

It makes no sense. (Photos below are NSFW)

Pietro D'aprano via Getty Images

The bodice is sheer nylon, but the sleeves are a chunky knit. Choose a side, Calvin Klein.

The internet has mostly shared in our utter confusion, but consumers have not. The sweater, which is currently going for over $2,000 on Montreal-based site Ssense, is sold out.

Yes, really, Tom Hanks.

It looks slightly less offensive on the Barney’s website, where the sheerness looks a little less sheer and the price tag is lower at $1,150.

But still. It’s a sheer sweater with chunky sleeves and zero practicality. And we’ll be waiting to see which celebrity wears it first come fall.

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