Woman Gets Head Stuck In Stair Railing After Attempt 'To Spice Things Up'

Naked Woman Gets Head Stuck In Railing During Attempt To 'Spice Things Up'

She couldn't help but get stairs.

A woman found naked with her head wedged in a stair railing in front of a home in Lipetsk, Russia said she got stuck there while having sex, according to Digital Spy's translation of Pronews48.

A neighbor who saw the 46-year-old's unlucky predicament called police. The woman, whose name has not been released, told cops she and her boyfriend were trying to "spice things up."

That boyfriend apparently didn't stick around to help his lover out of the jam.

Attempts to spice things up go horribly wrong worldwide. In Japan, a trend of licking eyeballs for sexual pleasure has recently resulted in the spread of pinkeye.

And in Wisconsin, a man was jailed last month for publicly having sex with a couch.

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