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Namaslay -- Your New Mala Beads Are Cute, But They Don't Make You Spiritual

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The juice cleanse you've been raving about, or Eckhart Tolle's latest book might not be everyone else's end-all cure-all too. As we embark on our spiritual journey, it's natural to want to inspire those around us, but we may just end up pushing them further away.

Here are seven sure ways to keep your ego in check along your spiritual path so you don't become a spiritual bitch.

1. Be About It.

Being spiritual means living a spiritual life. If you're posting selfies in yoga class, you might be missing the point. Have you ever seen someone lose their shit at the front desk of a yoga studio? I have. I've also seen some of the most well-known spiritual teachers get real mean real quick. We all get off balance and we all have an ego, but the true practice is finding alignment off our mats. Otherwise, why bother? All the meditations, books, lectures, and postures are tools to help us obtain inner peace.

It's about the practice, not the preach. The most spiritual person may or may not have a crystal collection or even know what a chakra is. The ultimate spiritual practice is that of the physical - it's how we choose to respond; how we love when it's hard to, and how we can practice compassion under every circumstance.

2. Remember, Our Growth is Infinite.

There is no "there" to get to. The foundation of new-age spirituality is that we live in a loving, unconditional, infinite universe. Infinite. "Infinite" as in no beginning and no end. That means we're always growing and if we're always growing, it doesn't help to judge others (or ourselves) for where they are or where we used to be. We don't tell babies how stupid they are when they're learning to walk, but we've all been there. Be gentle, not judgmental. True spiritual enlightenment is the embodiment of compassion, it's understanding that all lessons are one.

3. Instead of Slaying, Ask Questions.

If someone comes to you for support, it's important to know when to talk and when to listen. Unsolicited advice generally falls on deaf ears because if we're not ready to hear it, we simply won't. Thinking back, you probably came to some of your best conclusions when you were unconditionally supported, not conditionally pressured. So try asking questions to provoke the answer. Empower others to access their own truth and intuition, they'll be more likely to change what they need and they'll thank you for it.

4. Be Flexible With Your Beliefs.

The most esteemed masters of our time have simply led with love. They weren't attached to doctrines and they didn't care how people arrived at love. They just loved. Nobody really knows what's out there beyond our physical reality. Not even spiritual mediums. I'm constantly blown away by what I'm shown and it's only expanding.

We can't let our beliefs be conditions we need in order to feel safe or valid. People get upset talking about religion because it often challenges ideas about survival and identity. If we "need" someone to be on board with our definition of God, chances are we're not as secure with our beliefs as we thought.

5. Stay in Your Lane.

Everyone is on their own path and there are no wrong turns. Loving someone does not mean dragging them to places they don't want to go. What's the difference between a "Bible Thumper" and shoving The Artists Way or A Course In Miracles down someone's throat?

Not everyone moves at the same pace when it comes to personal growth and no one is less than because of it. If someone you love doesn't get your new outlook on life, see the challenge as a potential lesson for you, not them. Having a sense of personal accountability is the only way we really grow and it's the best way to find a solution in the crux of contrast.

6. If They Don't Shift with You, Let Them Go.

General Universal Law to Live By: If it's not serving you, it's not serving them either. The nature of the universe is change, so why should relationships stay the same? People come in and out of our lives for our soul's expansion, and sometimes expansion is dependent upon letting go. We don't all always grow in the same direction and that's okay.

Let's face it we're not walking on water just yet. It's not easy to find inner-peace with everyone and your spiritual transformation may require a restructuring of your relationships, or a letting go of some of them completely. The spiritual path isn't a lonely one, but it will require you be courageous; you'll have to move out of your comfort and away from old ways of being.

7. Take Personal Inventory.

As we discover what it means to be spiritual, we often become an advocate for exposing injustices. But how are we actually showing up? If someone is bragging about their environmentally friendly Prius but tossing a plastic hamburger wrapper out the window, there's some incongruity there. Being selectively conscious is an easy trap to fall into. Condemning Donald Trump doesn't make us progressive, it makes us spiritually lethargic. It's vital that we look at how we are contributing on a daily basis to growth in our own lives.

All that exists before us also dwells within. So if you're slaying someone for being "unmindful," could there be an area in your life where you could be more accountable?


The point is that all paths lead to the light. What works for some won't work for all but the purpose of new-age spirituality is to inspire the belief that a light exists within all of us, regardless of religion, appearance or how we get there. The most powerful way we teach (and learn) is through example. Be infinite in your ability to live from love so you can slay them with kindness.

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