Namchild Creates A Bloody Lego Battle With 'The Duel'

You've seen stop motion animation before, but we're guessing you've never seen anything that equals the epic qualities of this little video. Normally Legos would seem like the easy way out for a stop motion animator, but considering all of the blood and guts that appear in this clip, you can assume that it was no easy feat, kimosabe.

Serving as a music video for a release on Hospital Records, the drum n' bass music syncs up quite well with the anime action. The clip, animated by Namchild, brilliantly touches upon many anime clichés in a short period of time; crowded carnage, humorous deaths as well as the gargantuan, but oafish mace-wielding foe. Then our protagonist unveils his masked foe to be... Well, that's as far as the narrative goes, but other than following anime conventions, the effects and editing are pretty spot on.

Marvel as hapless Lego people are split in half or decapitated. Sounds disgusting? It kind of is, but how gory can a clip starring a bunch of Legos really get? Watch the clip above to find out.