Trump Slams Fox Over Interview With 'Sleazebag' Former FBI Chief James Comey

Name-caller-in-chief also ripped 'Commiecast' MSNBC.

The name-caller-in-chief was at it again on Twitter Saturday, blasting Fox News for Sunday interviews with “sleazebag” former FBI Director James Comey and “shifty” Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.).

Both men are being interviewed by Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday.” Donald Trump warned his favorite news network that it was trying “sooo hard to be politically correct.”

He cautioned that “only pro Trump Fox shows do well,” adding: “Rest are nothing.” He sniggered: “How’s Shep doing?” — referring to former Fox News host Shepard Smith, who frequently criticized Trump and left the network in October.

He wasn’t done with name-calling yet. He also lambasted “Commiecast” MSNBC.

Twitter critics didn’t let the president get off easy.

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