Naming America's First Marijuana Cafe

The first ever marijuana café in America opened last week. That doesn't surprise me. What shocks me is that it's in Portland, Oregon. That would be like opening a Mormon bookstore in Salt Lake City. Weird, right? The place is called The Cannabis Café, which I must say I find pretty disappointing. If there's anything we know about people who claim to use marijuana for medicinal use, it's that they have a sense of humor. Why not call it something fun. Here's a few ideas just off the top of my head:

  • The Grass Hut

  • The Dopeteria
  • The Weeding Room
  • Stoned Depot
  • De Pot Depot
  • McDoobies
  • International House of Potcakes
  • The Joint Joint
  • Paranoid Eddie's Bakery
  • Pottery Barn