Nan Goldin's Intimate Side On Display At QF Gallery (PHOTOS)

Nan Goldin's Intimate Side

Nan Goldin's upcoming exhibition, entitled "wish you were here," is the coolest memory album you never had. The show, dubbed "a visual diary of summers passed" by QF Gallery, offers Goldin's signature cocktail of sweet intimacy and gritty sexuality.

Cookie with Max on the hammock, Provincetown, Mass., 1977

Goldin's photographs, saturated in color and drenched in sweat, depict loved ones and lovers from the 1970s to the present. Known for capturing the dark corners of alleyways, bedrooms and punk shows, Goldin crafts an autobiographical trail of her past misadventures in a surprisingly tender manner.

As Randy Kennedy wrote in the New York Times, an unlikely romanticism illuminates even the most shadowy subject matter in the iconic artist's work, and "punk bravado is softened and transformed by such High Romantic company."

The current exhibition focuses on Goldin's summer memories, at home in Sag Harbor and abroad, capturing the heat and energy of summer in a few simple snapshots. Check out a short preview here and head to QF Gallery on August 3 for the full show.

IO in camouflage, NYC, 1994

Jens and Clemens embracing, Paris, 2001

"wish you were here," curated by Carrie Mackin, will run from August 3-18, 2013 at QF Gallery.

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