Nana Gouvea's Hurricane Sandy Modeling Photo Shoot Goes Viral, Sparks Mocking Tumblr

LOOK: One Man's Catastrophe Is Photo Op For This 'Model'

Talk about disaster porn.

Brazilian model and New York City resident Nana Gouvea took advantage of Superstorm Sandy's wreckage Wednesday, using New York's downed trees and destroyed cars as a backdrop for a number of seductive photos, EGO reported, which quickly went viral.

Many Internet users, however, were not sufficiently seduced to not be appalled by Gouvea's apparent lack of respect for the climbing death toll and millions of families displaced by the storm, according to the Herald Sun.

Gouvea's comments on the situation certainly did not help. She gushed to EGO about how much she loves hurricanes, saying they give her an opportunity to spend quality time with her husband, Carlos Keyes, who took the now-notorious photos.

The photos have sparked a tumblr, Nana Gouvea em Desastres ("Nana Gouvea in Disasters"), which superimposes the brunette beauty onto other tragic scenes, including the sinking of the Titanic, the Hindenburg explosion and the death of Mufasa.

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Nana Gouvea

Nana Gouvea

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