Nanaimo Fire Video Is 20 Seconds Of Pure Insanity (VIDEO)

UPDATE: We have received concerns that the man in the video below is mentally disabled, but according to a scoop by Urlesque, the man in the stretcher is not mentally disabled. Cole Stryker writes:

"I contacted the guy who shot the video in British Columbia. He assured me that the man in the stretcher is in fact paraplegic, and lives on his own in low-income housing. However, the fire did not start in his home, so it's unclear why he's even on the scene and flipping double birds."

Between the delightful portrait of insanity that was the Norwegian star-studded Let It Be video and this gem simply titled "Nanaimo Fire, Stewart Ave," the overlords of viral video have truly been working overtime the last few days. Great job, overlords.

If you haven't seen this one yet, well, no description can truly do it justice -- it's 20 seconds of a (possibly insane) man being brought out of a blazing house by paramedics, and his gestures and facial expressions seem to be completely oblivious to the situation occurring around him. There's always the chance that this was staged, but even if it is, our enjoyment is not rattled.

For best results, we recommend watching this video on loop between six and 9,000 times.