Nancy Cartwright, Scientology Fat Cat: 'Simpsons' Voice Donates $10M

Nancy Cartwright, Scientology Fat Cat: 'Simpsons' Voice Donates $10M

Longtime Scientologist Nancy Cartwright -- best known as the voice of Bart Simpson -- last year gave the church $10 million to help spread the word of founder L. Ron Hubbard into other galaxies.

It was all part of Scientology's Global Salvage effort, which aims to "de-aberrate" Earth -- meaning to rid mankind of psychology ills and other "aberrant" behavior.

Surprisingly, Nancy, 50, forked over twice as much as the Scientology's most prominent member, Tom Cruise, who only gave $5 million in an installment plan.

In 2004, the 46-year-old Lions for Lambs actor was awarded a Platinum Meritorious Award for a $2.5 million gift. Two years later, he doled out another $2.5 million, for which the International Association of Scientologists kicked him up to Diamond Meritorious awardee.

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